Bi-Directional meters or “Smart” meters

A relatively new electricity meter that allows households and businesses to better monitor their electricity usage at any given time, giving them the potential to save money. These meters are what are used to measure incoming and outgoing power to a site, so if you have a solar system and plan to get paid for the power you are feeding back into the grid, one of these will need to be installed.

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Do you know that a large portion of power failures are caused by rodents?

The electrocution of a fat rat in an electric substation caused a three hour power outage in Stockholm’s central railway station. The rat had sneaked into a secondary substation and came into contact with parts

Did you know that by mid 2011 all electric hot water units will be discontinued?

Legislation has been passed that by mid 2011 the production of electric hot water units will stop. Your alternative options will be gas, heat pump or solar hot water systems for the generation of hot

Do you have smoke alarms fitted to your home and workplace?

Many lives are lost every year due to fires in the home. Alternatively many lives are saved where home owners have taken the initiative to have smoke alarms installed. There a quite strict regulations around

How to maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

Before the weather starts to heat up you should have your air conditioning system serviced. Inefficient systems will not only put a strain on the units operation but also the electricity grid. By cleaning or

Did you know that you can place your swimming pool motor onto a tariff control?

Most of us current find that we have our hot water units on a controlled tariff either on tariff 31 or 33, but have you considered putting your pool pump onto the same system. For

Are you considering a change to solar for your hot water consumption?

We are fortunate in Queensland with our weather and we are in remarkable position to harness the energy from the sun. Solar hot water heating will save you up to 90% on your current hot

What does CFL stand for?

A CFL is a compact fluorescent light. We more commonly refer to CFL’s as energy efficient or long life lights. A CFL provides the same amount of light for about one-quarter of the power compared

Are you keeping your electrical equipment up to date with electrical safety test and tagging?

All electrical portable devices should be tagged and tested by a qualified electrician especially in the work place where many different people can come into contact with electrical devices.

Construction/ Demolitions Areas electrical equipment should be

What is a power surge and what damage can surges cause?

A safety switch is designed to save the lives of yourself and your family. Every home in Queensland should have a functioning safety switch. You as the house owner need to test your safety switch.

Do you regularly check the functionality of your safety switch?

A safety switch is designed to save the lives of yourself and your family. Every home in Queensland should have a functioning safety switch. You as the house owner need to test your safety switch.

Fault finding and emergency electrical services

“We have been clients of your company since moving from Tasmania in 1981, and have been well satisfied with your service including promptness, courtesy and efficiency.”

Last night after 9pm I had need to call your

Washing machine repairs and fault finding

“I recently chose your company to do some washing machine repairs for me, and I am writing to comment on how favourably your company has impressed me.”
The willingness to assist quickly on the phone; the

GPO repairs and installations – Indooroopilly

“Thanks for doing that GPO job for me so quickly.  I really appreciate it as we had a tech on site installing the system and the panels don’t work to well without power!”
— Paul OzSpy

Hot water system repaired and switchboard upgraded – Brookfield

“You may remember that I spoke with you on Monday morning and organised repairs to our hot water system and arranged to have our power board upgraded with a safety switch system.”

I write to say

Does Your Electrical System Need Checking?

Your home wiring system is like the nervous system of your home and it contains lots of wires and connections which make your electrical appliances work. Even a small problem in the wiring network can be

Flickering Lights – Power Issues?

The flickering of lights when light is on indicates that there is an underlying issue that you’ll need to investigate. There are three main causes for flickering bulbs some of which may be fixed yourself.

Solar Energy Can Save You Money

The solar power Brisbane uses on a daily basis has a positive economic result for many citizens. It also produces hot water using an environmentally friendly process.  Sunlight delivers energy to the panels (solar collectors)

Save Money with Solar Energy

Solar energy is beneficial for a number of reasons.  Just ask some of the energy wise Brisbane home owners who use solar power.  They’ll tell you that not only does it have a positive impact

Moving Offices and Need More Power? Office Electrical Fit Out

Moving into a new office is never easy, but sometimes it is necessary. Perhaps you need more space, or maybe the new office is in a better part of town. Then again, you might be

Save Money on Your Next Power Bill

If you are like the average Brisbane home owner, you are probably trying to find ways to save on your electric bill.  It seems like no matter how much you try to conserve energy, your

Important June 30 deadline for installing your solar unit.

On June 25, 2012 the Newman Government announced changes to the solar industry in Queensland, which included a reduction in the feed-in-tariff rate (the amount you earn for the power your Solar unit feeds back

Safeguarding your Home against Power Surges.

Power surges are an increase of voltage into the home via power lines. They are commonly caused by lightning strikes or when power is returned to a building after a loss of power. If the

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School solar boost

The State Government has launched a $60 Million program to fit 131 state schools with solar energy.

What a fantastic notion! At Scholz Electrical, we are commited to the environment and love to hear stories like

Electricity bills set to surge

Looking for some bright ideas?

Popularity of the new energy efficient lightbulbs is increasing at an astonishing rate, and there is no reason that fashion needs to be substituted for fashion. The article published in The Courier Mail shows how

Cost of going green

“New home owners will pay at least $1000 more for their houses from next year, under a Labor plan to make buildings more energy efficient and create green jobs.”

An additional $1000 for an energy efficient

Bishops become eco warriors

Growth of solar power in Australia has been stymied by bad policy

With the ease of installation, lack of digging involved and the fact it requires no water, Scholz Electrical is amazed the popularity of Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Systems isn’t greater than it currently is.

We came across

Power rise to hit home

With the updated renewable energy targets being introduced by the Rudd government, it is expected to cost an additional $84 a year to run a typical household.

The targets are being implemented to ensure that 20

Remote Control Power

“Control over a wide range of household appliances could be handed to power distributors so they could switch them off when too much electricity is being used…”After reading this article, we ask you, is this

Cheap solar plan stalled

During the recent election, the state government promised to introduce rebates to allow home owners the ability to install a solar hot water system for $500.00.

The Government has again stalled on the promise it made

Does Your Electrical System Need Checking?