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Lighting up a shopfront at night

A car mechanic contacted us with a problem: they had a prominent shopfront on a busy road, but at night, no one could see they were there.

The business needed signage that would catch the eye

Does Your Electrical System Need Checking?

Your home wiring system is like the nervous system of your home and it contains lots of wires and connections which make your electrical appliances work. Even a small problem in the wiring network can be

Flickering Lights – Power Issues?

The flickering of lights when light is on indicates that there is an underlying issue that you’ll need to investigate. There are three main causes for flickering bulbs some of which may be fixed yourself.

Solar Energy Can Save You Money

The solar power Brisbane uses on a daily basis has a positive economic result for many citizens. It also produces hot water using an environmentally friendly process.  Sunlight delivers energy to the panels (solar collectors)

Save Money with Solar Energy

Solar energy is beneficial for a number of reasons.  Just ask some of the energy wise Brisbane home owners who use solar power.  They’ll tell you that not only does it have a positive impact

Save Money on Your Next Power Bill

If you are like the average Brisbane home owner, you are probably trying to find ways to save on your electric bill.  It seems like no matter how much you try to conserve energy, your

Safeguarding your Home against Power Surges.

Power surges are an increase of voltage into the home via power lines. They are commonly caused by lightning strikes or when power is returned to a building after a loss of power. If the

Scholz Electrical elevated to Master Electrician Status

Bishops become eco warriors

Growth of solar power in Australia has been stymied by bad policy

With the ease of installation, lack of digging involved and the fact it requires no water, Scholz Electrical is amazed the popularity of Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Systems isn’t greater than it currently is.

We came across