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Electrical Safety Devices and Practices include:

  • Safety switches

Safety switches are incredible little devices that protect the people in your home from receiving an electrical shock should an appliance or electrical device (such as an oven or air conditioner) become faulty and start leaking electricity.
These switches are fitted to your switchboard and are able to detect an electrical leakage and then automatically disconnect power to that leaking source.

Electrical regulations now require that every electrical circuit in a house is protected by its own safety switch (previously safety switches were only required on circuits protecting power points). If you are unsure of the level of protection your board has, we can inspect your switchboard and advise you on any additional safety switches that may be required. Provided your switchboard is in good working order, installing additional safety switches is a simple job for us to do. If your safety switch has tripped (the first sign of this will usually be that lights or power points in one section of your house no longer work) it involves a process of elimination to work out which appliance in the house was responsible. The Scholz Electrical team are experienced at electrical fault finding.
Please contact us and we will get your electrical circuits up and running again.
  • Plant maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Electrical safety inspections
  • Test and tag
  • Security and Intercom systems
  • Smoke detectors
  • Surge arresters

If you are interested in a consultation about how to ensure your home or workplace is adequately protected, contact Scholz Electrical today.

Why choose Scholz Electrical?

Our support-staff are professional:

  • Booking a job is hassle-free and our staff can arrange an in-house visit or advise on how to deliver your appliance to our workshop
  • Often it is necessary to source parts inter-state or internationally. We keep you updated so you’re aware when your appliance repairs will be finalised

Our electricians have the expertise:

  • Our electrical company has been operating in Brisbane and surrounding areas since 1970
  • We are Master Electricians accredited electrical contractors
  • We are Clean Energy Council accredited electrical contractors
  • We believe in the value of our people and our clients
  • Our electricians have experience with a variety of appliances and brands

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