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Energy efficient (greening) practises for your home


At Scholz Electrical we are committed to the environment. Your contribution to thinking and acting green will have a positive impact on your household budget but more importantly you will be doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint.

If you require direction we offer an advisory service on how to “go green’’ at home or at work.

In the meantime here are some ways you can make a difference –

  • Replace all incandescent bulbs with long life fluorescent bulbs.
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room to avoid unnecessary consumption of electricity
  • For those extra hot days when you feel the need to use your air conditioner, ensure all of your doors and windows are closed and pull across curtains and blinds to maximise efficiency
  • Have your air conditioner regularly serviced
  • Maintain and service your hot water system and ask us about having cheaper heating tariffs connected
  • Replace old and inefficient white goods such as washing machines and refrigeration units. Motors on old appliances require a lot more energy which adds more stress to the electrical grid and, in turn, the environment. Aging washing machines are often less water efficient. Older refrigerators can sometimes emit harmful CFC gases into the atmosphere. When you are considering the replacement of your white goods, refer to the “star rating” assigned to the particular appliance.

Let us help you help your environment.

Why choose Scholz Electrical?

Our support staffs are professional:

  • Booking a job is hassle-free and our staff can arrange an in-house visit or advise on how to deliver your appliance to our workshop
  • Often it is necessary to source parts inter-state or internationally. We keep you updated so you’re aware when your appliance repairs will be finalised

Our electricians have the expertise:

  • Our electrical company has been operating in Brisbane and surrounding areas since 1970
  • We are Master Electricians accredited electrical contractors
  • We are Clean Energy Council accredited electrical contractors
  • We believe in the value of our people and our clients
  • Our electricians have experience with a variety of appliances and brands

If you need a repairer, contact us, or call 1300 369 633 (local call) and one of our friendly support staff will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

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