We recently received this testimonial from a customer at Jindalee in Brisbane’s western suburbs who contacted us about an appliance repair. Mary, a valued long-time customer of Scholz Electrical, phoned our office to report her ageing fridge needed fixing. She described the electrician who attended her house as knowledgeable, careful and considerate and his advice as “honest and helpful”. She also said she had consistently found our company to be “reliable, helpful and fair” over the years she had been using us for her electrical work. Thanks very much Mary!
Here is what she said:

We have been dealing with Scholz Electrical for many years and have consistently found them reliable, helpful and fair. This was surpassed on Monday when the serviceman Simon Anderson arrived to fix our very old fridge. We have passed the senior stage in life and are now considered elderly so the advise that Simon gave us was very much appreciated. He told us to buy another fridge as the one that we have was just going to cost us too much. He measured the size of the old fridge and found a supplier for us.
To us this was the most honest and helpful advice and we were grateful for his care and consideration.
He was obviously very knowledgeable and familiar with the appliance and therefore was able to forecast the upcoming problems if we had kept the fridge.
We will continue to call Scholz Electrical for any future appliance problems and would happily recommend them as a reliable honest firm with whom to deal.

Mary Pryce