Replacing old appliances with energy efficient appliances

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Replacing old appliances with energy efficient appliances

As appliances age, they become inefficient. If they then fail and need repair, sourcing parts can be problematic. This was the case for a Scholz Electrical client at Taringa in recent weeks.

Their ageing range hood and oven were in need of repair but the search for parts to fix them was complicated and time-consuming. The repair was shaping up to be an expensive exercise.

The most cost-effective solution in this case was to replace the products with new, energy efficient appliances.

We sourced a few options for our clients and left the final selection up to them. The new oven and range hood they chose weren’t a perfect fit in the space left by the old products, but the Scholz Electrical crew came up with a solution by doing a bit of smart kitchen cabinetry alteration.

Our clients are now enjoying using their modern, energy efficient appliances.

When clients ask us for advice on selecting new energy efficient appliances, we tell them not to choose anything over-engineered as you tend to be paying for features that you will never need. Lots of ‘bells and whistles’ on an appliance can also lead to unwanted extra expense if the product breaks down and needs to be repaired.

If a client decides to buy a product that has electronic components, we tend to advise them to take out an extended product warranty.

Another way to give your electronic equipment additional protection is to install a surge protection device to your main switchboard.

A surge protector in the switchboard gives your valuable electronic equipment an extra layer of protection against power surges triggered by brown outs and electrical storms. Our electricians can install this device quickly and easily.